Welcome to The Vine

At The Vine we are emerging from the period of pandemic restrictions and discerning what the next season looks like as followers of Jesus. We are an active church, a community focused on Jesus, and connected to one another by God’s love and the light of his word. We would love to hear from you; do please contact us.


In principle, we are moving forward carefully, monitoring our risk assessment.

Please note that the livestream will continue indefinitely. It is there as a resource for all of us, and especially for those who are unable to be present in the church building. We are also aware at the moment there is a relatively high risk of being “pinged” as having contact with a covid-positive person and required to isolate. You may want to join in via the livestream if you wish to reduce that risk.

Of course, please do not come to St. Bart’s if you have any covid symptoms, have tested positive, or have been asked by NHS Test & Trace to self-isolate.

When we meet in-person, please note that:

  • We will have as many windows open as we can, and this provides significant ventilation at St. Bart’s
  • Face coverings will not be insisted upon, but we do encourage their use.
  • Singing will be permitted, but we encourage moderation in volume and expressiveness. Wearing a mask when you sing is recommended.
  • We strongly encourage you to sign in or scan the QR code at the door
  • We will seek to maintain social distance between bubbles as much as possible, including with the layout of seating.
  • Communion will be served in both kinds (by celebrant dipping the bread in the wine for those who wish it), similarly to how we have been doing this.
  • We will encourage conversation and similar interactions to take place outside in the garden.
  • If you have any concerns, please contact us; we will adapt where we need to.

Throughout it all, we continue to seek the peace and joy of Jesus, and follow him as his followers and friends. We’d love to share that journey with you, do be in touch.