Welcome to The Vine

During the pandemic season we have been unable to meet together as we have been used to, and we have been restricted in our activities. We are still an active church, a community focused on Jesus, and connected to one another by God’s love and the light of his word and beginning to imagine what the next season looks like. If you are in need of anything at this time, our church community may be able to help. Do please contact us.

As restrictions lift we are beginning to increase our attention to in-person worship at St. Bart’s. We are moving from “church as a livestream” to a “church with a livestream.” You are welcome to join us online, or in-person. We meet in a covidsafe way, which unfortunately means no indoor singing. It is useful if you let us know you’re coming by contacting wardens@thevinesheffield.org.uk. From June 6th we also hope to follow our worship gathering with time spent together in the St. Bart’s garden where we can safely meet and be with each other – all welcome!

Throughout it all, we continue to seek the peace and joy of Jesus, and follow him as his students and friends. We’d love to share that journey with you, do be in touch.