Will and Gill Briggs

The Briggs Family

Will and Gill Briggs joined The Vine in September 2018 with their children Ethan and Miriam, and adult children Anna and Samuel.

Originally born in Suffolk, Will grew up in Tasmania, Australia. He and Gill were married with a view to sharing a life of full-time ministry. Together, they served with Youth With A Mission in Tasmania before entering Anglican ministry. After Will’s curacy in the early 00’s, they led a church planting project in semi-rural North-West Tasmania. Following this Will served as a missioner at St. David’s Cathedral in Hobart, and as an assistant to the Bishop of Tasmania, and Gill worked as a family’s minister for a newly-begun suburban congregation. They arrived in the UK in 2015 and came to Sheffield after three years ministering in Newbury, Berkshire.

Their formation over the years has given them a passion for the Kingdom of God to grow through church shaped and moved by a sense of household and family, centred on and shaped by Jesus, God’s word of life, and the power of the Spirit. It is to be familiar with the reality of the hope of God within experiences that can be difficult and fearful, and so lay down control and self-preservation and entrust all to God’s father heart.

Will has become our Interim Vicar in a season of change within the Diocese of Sheffield. In this season we pursue how our community, and our two buildings, can be centres of mission, practising the presence of God.